Why become a Bike Point member?

Setting up technical assistance on route for cyclists is vital. Just imagine YOUR coffee shop equipped to help cyclists in resolving typical mechanical problems! Here’s an example: a double tire puncture would force any cyclist to turn back home. However, the opportunity of finding a BIKE POINT on route means a distressed cyclist can find the inner tube they need.

Membership has its benefits, too! Becoming a BIKE POINT means increased business for you since cyclists would be more than happy to sit and have a coffee or snack while a repair is being carried out. Remember, the word gets out: Cyclists and cycling groups/teams (on or off road) who know you’re on the map, will automatically choose a path that passes by your coffee shop because they know you have the equipment for quick checks and repairs or is the perfect spot for a break.

With very little investment in tools and equipment, YOUR coffee shop can instantly be transformed into a Bike Point. You can start by becoming a FACEBOOK member on “Quei del garmin” and “#queidelgardmin, a group composed of more than 500 followers in the region and surrounding territory.

The moment you register your establishment in the group, you’ll instantly receive a Bike Point sign to post in your window.

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